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Rules & Regulations

The NIVO Committee has formed the below rules & regulations for the Ova Le Turkey Islander Championships. The below will be enforced without exceptions, so it is every coach, captain and player's responsibility to know and abide by the rules & regulations. 

To view the Committee & Tournament Staff - Click Here


The below divisions are offered for Ova Le Turkey 2019, with the below initial caps set. The tournament director can adjust the division caps based on team entries at any time to allow more participation for divisions that have higher demand. If demand exceeds the amount of teams that can be housed in the primary venue, the tournament director and staff may secure an additional competition venue. If a 2nd venue is secured, the team caps may be increased.

Women's Division Information - Please Read

All athletes will check in with the tournament committee desk, and at that time they must present their government issued photo identification. Athlete's checking in for the women's divisions must have an i.d. that states their gender is female.

  • Men's | Open
  • Men's | BB/B
  • Women's | Open
  • Women's | BB/B

Tournament Team Registration & Entry Fee Payment

Your team's entry into the Ova Le Turkey Islander Championships is not confirmed until we receive full payment. All team entry fees must be received by the deadline below. The team entry fee for this year's event is $350 provided we have received the team payment by the deadline below. We will make every effort to accommodate as many teams as would like to participate, including securing the overflow venue. After Nov 22, we will only accept teams space permitting and at the Final Deadline Rate of $450, there will be no exceptions made this year.

Team Fee Rates

$350 | Through Oct 23
$450 | Oct 24 - Nov 6 


To complete your team's registration and entry fee payment, please visit the Registration Page here!

Cancelation and Refund Policies

Once a team has entered Ova Le Turkey, they are expected to participate and make payments by the deadlines established. There will be no refunds given after the egular entry fee deadline of October 23, no exceptions. If a team cancels their participation or no-shows for any part of the tournament, they will forfeit their entry fee as stated above, and will be assessed a $200 penalty that must be paid prior to the next NIVO event. 

NIVO Membership

The committee has implemented a requirement that every participant is to have a current NIVO membership. Membership indicates that the participant has read and agrees to abide by the rules & regulations set by the committee. The 2019-20 NIVO membership is FREE once you have completed the membership registration, which is one of the waivers you agree to and sign as part of the player registration for the Ova Le Turkey tournament. NIVO memberships are renewed annually online. When registering as a captain or player, you will be asked to agree to the NIVO 2019-20 Membership Rules waiver. When creating or editing your profile on the tournament website, players must upload a current and clear photo of themselves, which will be used to create their Ova Le Turkey Player Badge. The 2019 Ova Le Turkey tournament is the first NIVO event of the season, with many more to be scheduled for the 2019-2020 NIVO season. We will have a Winter league kicking off in January, and many tournaments scheduled throughout 2020. 

Venue Gate Fees

The Committee has established a policy that all NIVO tournaments will have a spectator venue gate fee. The gate fee will be charged each day, regardless of the timing of spectator arrival. The gate fee amount will be set for each tournament hosted by NIVO. 

For the 2019 Ova Le Turkey tournament, gate fees will be charged as below. The entry gate fees are supplementing the expenses of the facilities and prizes. Anyone found to have entered the facility without paying the gate fee must pay the entry fee and may be excused from the event. The only door to be used for entry and exit is the front lobby door. 

  • $5 / Day - Ages 15+
  • $3 / Day - Ages 2-14


The facility and the parking lots are not a playground. Children must be supervised at all times. They must remain in a seating area with their parents / guardians. Parents will receive 1 warning, after the 1st warning, they will be asked to leave the event.


The team coach / captain is responsible for maintaining a current and correct online tournament roster. Captain's will only be able to add players to their roster that have a current NIVO membership. Team rosters are capped at 10 players, and players can only compete with 1 team during the tournament. All rostered players will be able to compete on Sunday, regardless of their pool play participation on Saturday. New players can be added to a team roster at any point during the 2 days of the tournament, provided that the the player has a current NIVO membership and is not already rostered on another team. 

There is a fee for adding additional players to a team roster once the team has begun their first pool play match. 

  • $50 / player added during the first day of competition
  • $100 / player added once the team has concluded their last match of pool play


Teams must wear regulation jerseys, with at least a 4" number on the front, and at least a 6" number on the back. Numbers must be contrasting in color to the jersey. Libero jerseys must be contrasting in color to that of the other players jerseys, and follow the same jersey number requirements. If a team is not wearing regulation uniforms by the time their match is scheduled to begin, the team will forfeit the match. The team will not be able to compete without regulation uniforms.

Jersey numbers must be assigned to each player and that number must be used by that player throughout the tournament. If player jersey numbers must be changed at any point during the tournament, the captain must go to the tournament desk to request a roster update, no less than 30 minutes prior to the start of their next match. Jersey number roster updates will only be granted once per team. 

Player Check-In & Player's Badge

Each player must check-in at the competition venue on the morning of pool play. A valid government issued identification must be presented:  State issued Identification Card, Driver's License or Passport. The tournament staff will verify that the player is on the team roster and has a current NIVO Membership. Each player will sign their team's printed roster and receive their player's badge. Players must be on the team's online roster in order to receive their player's badge. If they are not on the printed roster, the staff will cross reference the NIVO Membership and the online roster to verify status. If the player appears on the online roster, the staff will add the player to the printed roster for player signature. If the player does not appear on the online roster, the team captain will need to verify NIVO Membership and add them online before a badge is issued. 

Captain / Coach Meetings

45 minutes prior to the start of pool play and again before bracket play, the tournament staff will hold a meeting with all captains and coaches. The rules & regulations of the tournament will be discussed and any questions will be answered. The team captain must attend and inform all of their players of the rules once the meeting concludes. 

USA Volleyball Rules

NIVO and The Ova Le Turkey tournament have adopted the USA Volleyball Competition Rules. If there is any question about a rule, please consult the USA Volleyball 2019 rule book. 

Pre-Game Protocol

All game participants must turn in their Player Badge to the scorer's table before the captain's meeting can begin. The Referee will validate the game participants by cross referencing the team rosters with the badges and players on the court. The Player Badges are to remain at the scorer's table until the Referee has signaled the end of the match. Each player must come to the scorer's table to retrieve their badge.   

Forfeit Procedures

Teams must be present at their scheduled match time. If a team is not courtside by match time, the Referee will follow the USA Volleyball Forfeit Procedures. Please reference the USA Volleyball Competition Rule Book for forfeit procedures. 

Match & Pool Play Protocols

Pool Play matches will be timed by a central clock. Matches are scheduled at 40 minutes with a 5 minute shared warmup. A horn signal will indicate the start and end of a round, and the start and end of warmup. It is not the scheduled playing teams' responsibility to track down the assigned officiating team. Officiating teams that do not start a match on-time will be assessed a penalty fine of $25. 

Housekeeping & Facility Expectations

NIVO / Ova Le Turkey players must adhere to any and all facility and tournament rules and policies. No outside food or alcoholic beverages are allowed in this year's venue, The Lair Courts. Bags will be inspected upon entry. Any player found to have violated the no outside food or alcoholic beverages policy will be fined $50 and is subject to expulsion from the tournament. Additionally, any player that is found to have willfully vandalized or disrespected the competition venue will asked to leave the tournament, including the opening of a side door so that someone can avoid paying the gate fee.

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